Pastor Mario Phillip hails from the spice island of Grenada. He is an ordained minister who has pastored in Grenada, Trinidad, and the Philippines. He started preaching as a child preacher from the age off seven, and today he is still preaching. This he sees as a testament that God can use anyone whether young or old once they avail themselves to him. He has completed Masters degrees in the areas of Missiology, and Philosophy, and also holds a PhD in New Testament Biblical Studies with an emphasis in the Pauline epistles. He is also completing advanced studies in clinical pastoral counselling at the National Christian Counselling Association (USA). He previously served as Sabbath School, Personal Ministry, Community Services, ADRA, Communication & Special Needs Director in the Grenada Conference of Seventh-day Adventist.

He is married to Dr. Krystal Phillip, and together they have two children, Kairós and Kardía. As a family the Phillip’s enjoy doing missionary work, travelling and experiencing different cultures, but most importantly, following the will of God wherever He leads them. His vision is to encourage persons to ask more earnestly for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to finish the work of spreading the. everlasting gospel.