About Our Plant-Based Cookbook

Willesden Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Health Department are excited to put together ‘Willesden’s Healthy Cookery Book’ in honour of the late Veronica Staples, who was passionate about encouraging a plant-based, healthy lifestyle for everyone.

From smoothies to soups, dinners to desserts, we need you to submit your plant-based and vegan recipes! This is open to everyone, regardless of age.

Closing date for submissions: 30th September 2022

Willesden’s Healthy Cookery Book

Willesden’s Healthy Cookery Book

Do you consent to Willesden Seventh-day Adventist Church using your recipe in their not-for-profit, plant-based cookbook?
(Proceeds from the cookbook will be used to further the work of the church’s Health Department. Please note: Recipes will be edited for clarity and conciseness where necessary.)

Plant-Based Recipe Details

Maximum upload size: 20MB
Attach High-Quality Photos (These can be of your finished dish, of the dish ingredients or even photos of the cooking method.)