Have you ever thought about your cholesterol level? Or maybe your Blood Pressure? How about your Blood sugar level?

Do you have high/low Blood Pressure? Have you been diagnosed with Diabetes?

Is your diet causing you to feel tired or put on excess weight? Do you get enough sleep and exercise daily?

You can have your health and wellbeing questions answered by visiting our Community Health and Wellbeing Expo FREE of charge once a quarter starting Sunday, 24th April 2022.

We will calculate your Health Age, Waist measurement, Weight, Height, BMI, Blood Pressure, Body Fat, Cholesterol and Blood Sugar levels.

This event supports the NHS by providing free health checks, information and advice on healthy living to the community. Cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes are the most common causes of death here in the United Kingdom.

Providing important health information and advice helps to prevent the onset of these deadly diseases within the community and in turn minimising the pressure that is placed on the NHS.

Our Community Health and Wellbeing Expo involves health professionals and non-medical volunteers from the community who are interested in healthful living. The latter are aware of the principles of a healthy lifestyle and the different activities offered at the Health Expo.

In addition to Health Screening, we also provide Juicing with advice on fruit and vegetable combination to aid in lowering Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Menstrual problems, Menopausal issues and more. Plant-based food demonstration with sampling and Presentations on diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and weight management and more are also included at each expo.

In the near future we plan to incorporate a children’s Health programme within the Community Health and Wellbeing Expo.