For many parents who desire their children to have an Adventist education but cannot afford the finances there is an alternative which comes with another type of commitment. Home schooling is another way of teaching your children in a Christian environment and you do not have to have a teaching qualification – after all, parents are a child’s first teacher! So, if you might want to consider this option there is help out there. Just go on to the following website for information and support.

……….where Seventh-day Adventist parents work together to raise their children who reflect God’s character.

SDA Home-school Families is a group of dedicated Adventist home-schoolers who interact together in order to support one another on the home-school journey. They work together to encourage one another through words of affirmation and advice; the dissemination of helpful parenting techniques that foster character development, and the sharing of instructional techniques and curriculum selection. It is a place where Seventh-day Adventist parents work together to raise children who reflect God’s character.

They offer a network of resources for Adventist home-school parents and children. Here Adventist home educators explore curricula, share in the daily challenges and joys of home-schooling, and connect with like-minded people.