Life Groups

Do you want to grow in your faith? Develop deep friendships? and bring people to Jesus Christ? Then why not commit to joining a Willesden Life Group!

Life is so much more fulfilling when you have a relationship with God, and supportive friends.

Life groups provide a great opportunity for you to experience both of these. They are also great ways to reach out to those who do not have this experience and share it with them.

Now when groups members meet, they build relationships, explore truths, support each other through prayer and fellowship.

Healthy relationships bring spiritual growth!

Here at Willesden we want as many of you as possible to start up Life Groups. There are three areas to choose from:

SPIRITUAL:- Bible Study Groups, Prayer Groups, Book Club Groups

SERVICE:- Feeding the Homeless, Singing Band, Community Help Groups, Hospital Visiting Groups

SOCIAL:- Let’s Eat Together, Coconut Baking, Share a Book, Vamos Habla Espanol! Sewing,

GROUPS need to be made up of 6-8 people.Any age from 18, any gender, SDA & Non-SDA. When the numbers go beyond 8 you need to split into two smaller groups!

CHOOSE from a Spiritual, Service, Social group.

DECIDE WHEN AND WHERE your groups will meet: Anytime during the week, once a week, fortnightly, once a month.

At Church, in Homes, Community Halls, Parks, Restaurants – wherever!!

Take a look at the groups which have started or about to start.

Our Groups

Do you have a desire to spend more time in the word of God in a small group of people?

  • Women of Virtue
    Study the characters of women in the Bible
  • Give me the Bible
    Pray and Study the Bible
  • Judah
    Let’s Study the Word!
  • Health Book Club
    Learn from the Master of your health journey!
  • The Word
    Let’s study Books of the Bible together.

Are you looking to get connected with a group of people who have similar interests?

  • Let’s Get Together
    Just get together and socialise
  • Exercise Group
    Working out together to achieve our goal!
  • Coconut Baking Group
    It’s fun baking together!
  • Vamos Habla Espanol
    Come learn or master Spanish together
  • Sewing Group

Have you been looking for a way to focus on others at church and in the community?

  • Center of Help & Hope
    Supporting our Community
  • Visitation Group 
    Come let’s visit together
  • Singing Band
    Bringing joy to senior folks
  • Waterloo Feeding (Homeless)
    As Christ did – feed the hungry!
  • Empowering Women
  • Vision
  • Tiny Tots Home Sabbath School
  • Together in Christ
    To eat, socialise and make friends, and strengthen each other in our Christian walk.
  • True Colours
    Women: social engagement and empowerment of each other
  • Prayer Walkers

For more information please email