Centre of Help and Hope

Vision statement: Touching lives! Changing communities!

Mission statement: To empower everyone, everywhere, through education, support and love.

The aims

  • Provide some basic humanitarian needs to those in crisis
  • A soup kitchen
  • Empower through educational and vocational courses
  • Provide a drop in clinic to those who are experiencing crisis and struggling to cope
  • Provide a listening and advocacy service
  • Partner with the local church to provide annually a Winter Shelter for the Homeless in Brent
  • Encourage health and well being
  • Fundraising


The Centre of Help and Hope values are from a biblical perspective. They are

  • Caring
  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Confidentiality
  • Compassion
  • Equality
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • An Efficient Service

The Centre of Help and Hope was conceived in 2016 following a literature drop in the Borough of Brent. Other than freely giving a spiritual book what tangible thing can be done to help our community? The Health Profile 2015 revealed many needs of the community. It was then decided to make a determined effort to help those who are in need, mainly families with children, the homeless and other disadvantaged groups

Hence in October 2016 CHH was birthed. The Centre retains close links with the Seventh Day Adventist Church and the Community Ministries Department who were instrumental in the development of CHH.

It partners with other non governmental organisations within the Borough and collaborates with the Crisis Solution Team based at the Harmony Centre on Bridge Road NW10

The Centre is committed to diversity and equality and works with and includes people of any background and faith.

We cater for anyone in need. Our data indicates that a high percentage of our clients are families with children, the single housed or single homeless.

Many of our clients are have been rough sleepers, from turbulent relationships and unhealthy behaviours. . Such damaging behaviours are exacerbated by low self- esteem and confidence, unstable relationships and a stable home