The Community Ministries Department is the humanitarian section of the Willesden Seventh-day Adventist Church, in which people work together to help and support the community. Hope and restoration, along with a purposeful life can therefore be realised.


Touching Lives; Changing Communities.


Mobilising the church for ministry in the community, preparing and enabling all, including service users and volunteers, to develop their God-given abilities.


The Community Ministries Department functions at 4 levels (L), as follows:

  • L1. Relief
  • L2. Economic Development
  • L3. Advocacy (Structural change)
  • L4. Community Action

The four levels, currently, encompass six strands, utilising a strategic synergistic approach to fulfil the department’s objectives.

These are:


The department’s strategy involves the following:

    • Identifying the social needs of the local community.
    • Supporting the local communities through projects which include
      empowerment initiatives.
    • Partnering with other non-governmental organisations within the Borough.
    • Assisting in times of crisis by collaborating with the local Social Services

Crisis Solutions Team and working towards long-term solutions.

  • Developing and maintaining relationships with community leaders, which
    provide effective channels for mutual growth and action.
  • Provide effective channels for mutual growth and action.
  • Facilitating children’s rights and abilities to attain to their full potential.
  • Promoting and expanding the involvement of youth in community action.
  • Reflecting the character of Jesus through all activities.