Sienna (Pt 6) – I’m A Miracle

It doesn’t matter what you’ve gone through, or what you are currently going through. It may be small; it may feel like the biggest thing ever. You may not see a way out of your current situation. Know this: your story is not over.

Sienna (Pt 5) – I’m A Miracle

It continued to get worse. Despite me thinking my problem was a personality issue, the low self-esteem was about to take me down another harmful path. I began to hate more than just being shy, different and lonely. I began to hate the way I looked.

Sienna (Pt 4) – I’m A Miracle

With every night that passed, with the tears running down my face, the dull ache of loneliness sat heavy on my heart to the point that I started to internalise everything, over and over again. I hated being different. I hated being shy. I hated being alone.

Sienna (Pt 3) – I’m A Miracle

Looking back now, I know that during those hard times, through the times when I felt most alone, the only way the feelings eased back below the surface and out of sight for a time, was because of God. He was, after all, the only person I had.

Sienna (Pt 2) – I’m A Miracle

If you missed Part 1, go back and read it! It will only take a few minutes but to quickly recap: we’re about to explore my journey from a child, who could barely speak to non-family members, to an adult, who I’d say is only semi-shy…

Sienna (Pt 1) – I’m A Miracle

In the words of Gospel singer Anthony Brown, “I’m a living, breathing, walking, talking, moving miracle. People said I’d never, they said I’d never ever, but stop, look, watch…”.

Sometimes little things happen, or there’s something minor that I do that makes me take a step back and think about far I’ve come in life. Things most people wouldn’t give a second thought about, things that seem trivial because it’s so normal to them.