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We hope that you were given an insight into careers you probably would not have thought of.

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Careers Fair Evaluation Form
How happy were you with the contents of the Careers Fair
How would you rate the Keynote Speaker -Dyslexia
How would you rate the contents and delivery from Brent Works
How would you rate the Flexercise session
How would you rate the workshop on CV’s and Interview preparation

Please rate the Health Care Professionals workshop individually

Doctor Joedel Lendor
Doctor Bernard Lendor
Doctor Wesley Warren
Paramedic Riana Dantzie
Nurse George Kabambe Diabetic Specialist
Nurse Carlene Blake Midwife

Please rate the Education workshop

Early Years Jackie Ramharacksingh
Primary Rachel Clarke
Secondary Jennifer Williams

Please rate the Law and Order workshops

Police – Deane Allen
Army – Kadian Walker
Lawyer - Serene Allen
Lawyer – Ruth Reid

Please rate the Trade Personnel sessions

Audi Master Technician - Lloyd Briscoe
Plumber - Clarke Collins

Please rate the Banking and Finance sessions

Banking - Kayus Fernander
Finance – Claudia Francis

Please rate the Creative Theatre and Art sessions

Photography- Danielle Young-Akosa
Videography – Tam Cader

Please rate the Construction session

Architect – Kirk Morriston
Surveyor – Desmond Vincent
How would you rate the Panel Discussion number 1
How would you rate the Panel Discussion number 2
Did the Careers Fair meet your expectations?