In the education of your children lay not the grand truths of the Bible to one side, supposing that the Sabbath school and the minister will do your neglected work. The Bible is not too sacred and sublime to be opened daily and studied diligently. The truths of the word of God are to be brought into contact with the supposed little things of life. If rightly regarded they will brighten the common life, supplying motives for obedience and principles for the formation of a right character. {AH 189.2}

Prayer and the Will of God

God’s Sovereign Will – Pt 2

Parental Responsibilities Which No One Else Can Bear—Parents, you carry responsibilities that no one can bear for you. As long as you live, you are accountable to God to keep His way…. Parents who make the word of God their guide, and who realize how much their children depend upon them for the characters they form, will set an example that it will be safe for their children to follow. {AH 187.1}

Fathers and mothers are responsible for the health, the constitution, the development of the character of their children. No one else should be left to see to this work. In becoming the parents of children, it devolves upon you to co-operate with the Lord in educating them in sound principles. {AH 187.2}

A Precious Trust—Children are committed to their parents as a precious trust, which God will one day require at their hands. We should give to their training more time, more care, and more prayer. They need more of the right kind of instruction…. {AH 161.1}

Remember that your sons and daughters are younger members of God’s family. He has committed them to your care, to train and educate for heaven. You must render an account to Him for the manner in which you discharge your sacred trust. {AH 161.2}

God’s Sovereign Will – Pt 1

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ” (Phil 4:13)

Stop worrying about tomorrow and trust in God

Death is not the Answer…Jesus IS

You don’t have to be lonely even though you are alone


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