Touching Heaven, Changing Lives – 2nd June 12

I am sure that you have had a conversation in recent times with someone who is very ‘end time’ conscious. We are mindful and aware that, as Adventists, our hope is to see Jesus come in the splendor of His glory with all His holy angels with Him. adidas boost We are aware of the challenges that Europe is currently facing with the common currency and the strong and weak nations. Parajumpers High Fill Power Light Long Bear Adidas Italia Online There is much talk about Greece pulling out of the union and who knows how the Republic of Ireland will vote in their referendum soon? Matt 24:36 reminds us of the fact that no one knows the day or time, not even the angel in heaven, not even the Son, only the Father knows. CHEAP BELSTAFF JACKETS cheap mu legend redzen adidas Don’t let your heart become anxious and troubled over the day or time of His return. jack outlet Only learn to love and live for Him now so that when He does come, we shall be ready to live with Him in eternity. Mens Belstaff Coat Have a blessed day as you seek deeper supplies of grace and humbly worship our Loving Heavenly Father.

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