Pastor’s Corner – 30th March 2013

This weekend most people will be thinking about the death of Christ. Just a few months ago we were thinking about the birth of Christ. In both cases it was just a time to party and have frivolity with no spiritual though about what was taking place. However what else can you expect from a humanist society that believes in hedonism (pleasure, pleasure, pleasure).

What about the life of Christ between the birth and death of Christ? Nobody seems to be interested in that. Yet from this life we will find answers to life-long questions that neither hedonism, nor humanism, can find. Things like the meaning of life, peace in our lives, and finding true happiness never seem to be answered, but only Christ can give them to us.

When Christ is allowed to come into our lives it is then we know what freedom is. The world longs for it, but can never find it because it can never be God or even try to replace him. How is your relationship with God? Do you think of him at Easter or Christmas? You would be happier if you let him in all the time. Enjoy your holiday as a Christian would, I promise you would enjoy it.


Paster Michael Mannix

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