Pastor’s Corner – 23rd March 2013

Last week the world witnessed Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires, take on the name Pope Francis, as he began his life as Vice regent of God on earth…as the Catholic Church believes.

This week we in England also witnessed Justin Welby become the 105th Archbishop of the Church if England.
I think that futurists, like us, may well feel justified in thinking that prophetically speaking, things are moving in the right direction as we move toward the climax of earth’s history.

We must never become complacent about the times that we are living in. However, more importantly, we need to develop a quality relationship with the great and awesome God. How is your relationship with Him today?

I do hope that this communion service today will enhance your love relationship with Jesus Christ and the level of your commitment to Him, His church and the Gospel commission.


Pastor Des

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