Willesden Church gets out into the community

Young and old Willesden Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church members went out in small groups on Sabbath 28th September to spread the Gospel around the local area.

The initiative was part of the British Union Conference’s (BUC) ‘The Power of 35,000’ project, which called for all church members to distribute Christian literature to the wider community.

Equipped with a map, which highlighted the area that each group was supposed to cover, small groups went out to fulfil that mission.

The ‘problem’, however, was that many would usually find this a daunting task, but some people still rose to the challenge.

Kemique Scantlebury, 15,said: “I don’t really like giving out leaflets, but I liked the experience – I felt very enthusiastic about it. Sometimes people didn’t want to take one, but it didn’t matter, because then I just gave it to someone else.”

Kelly-Mae Samuel, 13, said: “It was the best experience, because there was a girl who came back and asked us if there was an SDA church around here. I told her that there was, and then she said that she is an SDA as well and that she would like to come back to church.”

It was good to see that quite a few people accepted the literature that was handed to them, and it was definitely encouraging to see a couple of the passersby avidly reading the material.

Koria Scantlebury, 16, said: “Seeing people take the magazines made you feel positive. I didn’t really speak to anybody, but knowing that they have the leaflets to look at when they are ready made you feel good.”

It didn’t all run smoothly though, as one would expect.

Josiah Williams, 18, said: “A memorable part of the experience was when a guy asked if the literature was SDA. When we said ‘yes’ he said something like he believes in the devil and then he threw the magazine in the bin right in front of us.

“I wanted to ask him question, but I was so taken aback by what he said – my mind went blank, I didn’t know quite what to say.”

Even so, everyone seemed to have a positive experience, which was evident when we all met back at church afterwards to talk about what happened.

We found out that some of the young children who went out had no inhibitions at all when they were helping to give out the magazines.

Some people expressed interest in coming back to church. One or two people wanted prayer, and a number of people wanted church members to visit them again.

Pastor Des Boldeau said: “We’ve grown up with an inhibition of sharing Christianity with others. We need to go out more frequently so we can get over our fears.

He added: “Our role as Christians is to sow the seed. How do we sow it? By prayer, a word, putting something into someone’s hands, singing, etc. Everyone in this church knows the Gospel commission – let’s go out and fulfil it.”

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