“Teens, this is your day!”

Laughter, good music, a timely message and a gathering of teenagers could only mean one thing – Teens Day at Willesden Church.

Teens Day, which took place on Sabbath 14th September, kicked off with a rousing start with music from the newly formed Teens Choir from Willesden, who donned pink ties and bow ties.

The theme of the day was ‘True Identity: Who Am I?’ and the message was brilliantly delivered by Asher McKenzie.

He reminded us of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us, which at first glance just sounds like something we’ve all heard before.

We listened to his funny tales as well as to some of the more gruesome details of his experiences, which made for uncomfortable listening at times.

Asher’s engaging anecdotes compelled the congregation to cling to his every word as he tried to show us a fraction of what Jesus went through, which made the message even more potent.

Regarding Teens Day as a whole, David Mannix, 17, said: “It went fantastically well. It should serve an example for all teenagers – it set the standard for all Teens Days.”

Tia Hutchinson, 13, was part of the Teens Choir, and she said: “I thought Teens Day was good – I really enjoyed it! I liked the singing and the sermon, as well. There should be more Teens Days to show what the teens are like – I would take part more often.”

Many of the teens at Willesden were involved in the Teens Choir and rehearsals for that took place over several weeks.

The organiser of the Teens Choir, Rachel Miller, said: “I had a blast. Rehearsals were fun, but dreary – but they were also fun because we knew who we were doing it for. We have talented teens in our church – it was good working with them.

“I felt like a proud mummy of 20 kids as I saw the choir singing. It was quite rewarding to see all of these weeks of rehearsals boil down to these two hours.”

Lunch was provided after the service, and then we were blessed by the Croydon Youth Choir in the afternoon.

Under the theme ‘I Almost Let Go’, the lively programme was interspersed with singing and acting as we followed the stories of characters from the Bible.

Kyran Christopher, 17, said: “Although there wasn’t as much youth here in the afternoon, I thought the AY programme was still good. It was better than just a regular AY – it was a bit more lively and active and it would be good to see something along those lines more often.

“I learnt that you should not give up. There are quite a lot of stories of people who go through worse things than we do and they didn’t give up, so we should just look to Jesus and keep going on.”

The organiser of the Croydon Youth Choir Tessa Saul-Ifill gave the teens this message: “Teens, this is your day – do not let go! We will never stop loving you ot praying for you. Don’t give up and never let go!”

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