“Stop the talk, let’s do”

Nine young people from Willesden Seventh-day Adventist Church accepted the challenge to lead out in the devotions during our Youth Week of Prayer, which took place from 16th-24th March.*

Each evening, a young person presented their message on topics such as ‘The Greater Commission’ and ‘For God So Loved the World’ through various, engaging ways.

The young speakers accepted the challenge to share their thoughts on each topic, even though most of them had not presented in public before.

David Mannix sharing the Word

David Mannix sharing the Word

“I found delivering the message really nerve-racking! There were quite a few people there,” said 22-year-old Mesha Simpson. “Before I spoke, I prayed for God to use me, and for my nerves to be calmed.

“To be honest, I felt as though I was stammering and waffling through what I was saying, and wasn’t entirely sure if what I wanted to say was coming across clearly. However, I received a lot of positive feedback, so praise God, that He used me to deliver His message.”

During the week we were reminded of the basic fundamentals of our faith, to restore our relationship with God and others, to reveal God’s true character to the world and to bring change into our lives.

“What stood out for me during the week was the point that we can’t sit comfortably. We need to go out and help others. Most of the time we avoid and escape what others are going through, but we need to go out and help someone else,” said 18-year-old Oksana Thomas.

Mesha said: “The messages spoken during the week seemed to tie in well with each other. I learnt that as a church, we’re not doing enough to reach the community, and I personally am not doing enough to reach people within the community.

“Sometimes, through the way in which we act, we deter people from wanting to get to know God, because they have a false perception of Christ and what being a Christian is all about, because of how we as Christians are seen to behave. This needs to change.”


Trying not to look at the camera

Trying not to look at the camera

The point of the week was also to pray for, and with, each other. There was a sense of fellowship throughout the week, and the bond that was formed was cemented with a hearty breakfast on a cold Sunday morning as a reward for people’s efforts in getting up so early.


Michelle Chamberlain, youth leader, said at the end of the programme on Sunday: “One of the main aims of the programme was to encourage each other to build relationships with people in different ways, so that if they need help then they can come to you.

“We need to show Christ through the things that we do. We have a duty to change things, and as a department we plan to do acts of kindness throughout the year, such as going to people’s houses to have worship with them, or to send letters to prison. So let’s stop the talk and let’s do.”


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