Prayer and Fasting – 3rd September 2016

Members of all ages came together in September’s Prayer and Fasting session. After song service, and an opening prayer from Pastor Peart, there was a video presentation from Pastor Hamilton, Trizah Powell, Pastor Peart and Luke Whyte. The video introduced the relaunch of the Youth Department, unveiling events planned right up to early 2017, as well as the exciting, open invitation to all, to be a part of the journey.

The members were then split up by into groups of sabbath school classes (earliteens, teens, youth, young adults, adults) to share and discuss two things; a). a name for the Youth Department, and b). activities we wanted to see take place.

Ideas were a mixture of tried and tested favourites (community outreach, home lunches, retreats/nights out) and refreshingly new takes of the familiar (hallelujah bingo, Come dine with me, and Take me out). Whilst the new name really displayed the creative minds among us, it was really encouraging to note the ideas for the activities were practically mirrored in each group, as the themes of relationship building and evangelism came up throughout.

Pastor Peart, Luke Whyte and Clarke Collins led sessions of prayer where, in groups of 2 or 3, we prayed that God would build, develop, maintain and bless the relationships of the Youth of Willesden Church; the relationships between the Youth and the church, and that the Youth are a light to family members/ members of the community who aren’t in the church.
Luke asked what skills would be needed to ensure this department stays relevant, meaningful and productive. After the discussion that followed, Luke asked the poignant question: Where those your skills, or were you making hypothetical suggestions?

Everyone then readily wrote down their names, contact details and skills they had to offer. Praise God for the abilities bestowed on Willesden Church, as this section took longer than scheduled!

Pastor Hamilton led the closing prayer, asking God to help ‘unlock the potential within each young person’, and ensuring ‘relationships between us in the church and those in the community are built not just for today, this month or even this year, but for eternity’.

By Neesha Baker

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