Keeping Family and Faith Together

An understandable air of excitement hovered over Willesden church on Sabbath, 13 April as nine young people decided to publically display their commitment to God by getting baptised.*

It was a peculiarly intimate day as family members were baptised together, and Pastors Des Boldeau and Eglan Brooks emotionally baptised their own children.

“What a day!  Seeing Des baptise Arianne was fascinating.  I was told that mothers get tearful on such occasions”, Catherine Boldeau, Arianne’s mum, shot out on her BlackBerry.  “Her faith journey starts today and I wish her well.”

Many friends, family and church members witnessed Jordan Samuel, Kelly-Mae Samuel, Kenan Shepherd, Monique Carridice, Melody Brooks, Kyle Brooks, Jasper Brooks, Parbattee Chawira and Arianne Boldeau enter the pool.

Jordan said: “I was well excited throughout the whole day. Getting baptised with my sister made my day extra special, because it’s quite rare to get baptised with a sibling, plus cousins, so I was well chuffed.”

It was definitely a joyous occasion, especially since most of the candidates had been born into the Church and people celebrated the fact that they had decided for themselves to dedicate their lives to God.

Commenting on the fact that a number of young people got baptised together, Jordan said: “I found it was a great privilege to get baptised with other young people – it was quite reassuring. The fact that people made a decision to get baptised is good, but to get baptised with fellow youths was a blessing.”

Songs of praise were sung, thought-provoking poems recited, and there was even laughter as Pastor Boldeau chuckled suspiciously at Arianne, which then prompted several nervous glances from his daughter just before he baptised her.

It was a deeply moving service, and God’s presence was felt. People responded to the pastor’s call to give their lives to God, but it was also a time of reflection and recommitment for those who have already been baptised.


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