Friday Nite Project at Willesden

Approximately 120 Young People of differing ages, exhilarating praise and worship, an excellent Praise Team, a live band, touching testimonies and a message of hope. These were the ingredients that made up the Friday Nite Project (FNP) at Willesden Church, on Friday 6 April. According to Darryn Shepherd, the evening is quite simply, “All about worship; experiencing family worship on a larger scale, in church, to a live band. Most importantly, however, it is a witnessing tool where young people are encouraged to bring their family, friends and neighbours to experience worship with a difference. adidas shoe You see here, they can be introduced to Jesus in an environment which is not as formal as the ‘Divine Service’ for which they may not be quite ready.” Being ‘Good Friday’, the Easter Story was brought into focus as everyone was reminded of Jesus dying on the cross for mankind. The awesomeness of God and His great sacrifice were brought alive through the singing of songs such as ‘Our God is an Awesome God’, ‘In Spite of it All, I Will Rejoice’, and I Live to Worship You’. The singing was interspersed with testimonies from young people who, through both tears and laughter, revealed tangible evidence of God working in their lives in varying degrees and situations. As the song ‘Moving Forward, God Can Make All Things New’ was sung, the young people did indeed move forward and either gave or recommitted their lives to Jesus. The closing message given by Willesden Church’s Pastor, Des Boldeau, was indeed one of encouragement and hope. Jackets fleece Whilst highlighting that “we are all on a journey”, Pastor Boldeau reminded everyone to trust in God and to remember that to say ‘God is a Saviour’ is different than saying ‘God is my Saviour’. He stated that God wants to save us and, consequently, He will always be there for us.

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