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  • Willesden’s Christmas Productions

    “An absolutely delightful evening”, “an excellent programme” and “splendid!”, were just a few of the comments which were expressed on the evening and afternoon of Sabbath 21st and Sunday 22nd December, 2013, at Willesden Church. These were from the captive audience comprising of family, friends and members of the local community, in response to ‘A Christmas Cantata: […]

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  • Willesden Church gets out into the community

    Young and old Willesden Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church members went out in small groups on Sabbath 28th September to spread the Gospel around the local area. The initiative was part of the British Union Conference’s (BUC) ‘The Power of 35,000’ project, which called for all church members to distribute Christian literature to the wider community. Equipped […]

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  • “Teens, this is your day!”

    Laughter, good music, a timely message and a gathering of teenagers could only mean one thing – Teens Day at Willesden Church. Teens Day, which took place on Sabbath 14th September, kicked off with a rousing start with music from the newly formed Teens Choir from Willesden, who donned pink ties and bow ties. The theme […]

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  • Have you seen my horse?

    Happy New Year, everyone! Our newly elected church leaders are here to serve you. belts small accessories scarpe da calcio adidas To prepare us for our new roles, we had to attend a training session in December 2012. For one of the day’s tasks, we were separated into groups and were told that we had […]

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  • The Gospel through live animation

    Curious Willesden Church members intently watched some images projected on to a large screen on Sabbath 15th June.* The only ‘problem’ with the animation that was unfolding before them was that there wasn’t any sound. At least, not yet. “This is what we’re going to do. I’d like us all to try and come up with some impromptu […]

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  • Soldier shaves off hair to fight cancer

    One brave soul from Willesden Seventh-day Adventist Church shaved off her luscious locks on 31st May to raise money for a breast cancer charity.* Corporal ‘Bobby’ Collet Prince, 35, decided to go for the big chop as she said it was a fitting tribute to some of her loved ones who have lost their hair because […]

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  • Keeping Family and Faith Together

    An understandable air of excitement hovered over Willesden church on Sabbath, 13 April as nine young people decided to publically display their commitment to God by getting baptised.* It was a peculiarly intimate day as family members were baptised together, and Pastors Des Boldeau and Eglan Brooks emotionally baptised their own children. “What a day! […]

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  • Winter Night Shelter: 5 years on

    “Every person is only three pay cheques away from homelessness,” says Community Services leader Bea Jackson, as she describes her reasoning for setting up the Winter Night Shelter at Willesden Seventh-day Adventist Church (SDA).* Bea was quoting Marlon Nelson, who helped to set up the ‘Route 18 Brent Winter Night Shelter’ five years ago, which […]

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  • “Stop the talk, let’s do”

    Nine young people from Willesden Seventh-day Adventist Church accepted the challenge to lead out in the devotions during our Youth Week of Prayer, which took place from 16th-24th March.* Each evening, a young person presented their message on topics such as ‘The Greater Commission’ and ‘For God So Loved the World’ through various, engaging ways. […]

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  • Pastor’s Corner – 27th April

    My dear family members, have you ever seen God? When was the last time you had this life changing experience? Is it possible that He came to you, but you did not recognise Him or know it? The worship experience is about us as participants engaging in the worship experience so deeply that our focus […]

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