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  • Prayer and Fasting – 3rd September 2016

    Members of all ages came together in September’s Prayer and Fasting session. After song service, and an opening prayer from Pastor Peart, there was a video presentation from Pastor Hamilton, Trizah Powell, Pastor Peart and Luke Whyte. The video introduced the relaunch of the Youth Department, unveiling events planned right up to early 2017, as […]

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  • Pastor’s Corner – 7th August

    In pre-marriage counselling, I often make the point to couples that they are not marrying the other person to become happy, but to make their partner happy. If they are both seeking to make each other happy, guess what? They will both experience happiness! Church attendance is similar. Do you come to church to feed […]

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  • Pastor’s Corner – 30th March 2013

    This weekend most people will be thinking about the death of Christ. Just a few months ago we were thinking about the birth of Christ. In both cases it was just a time to party and have frivolity with no spiritual though about what was taking place. However what else can you expect from a […]

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  • Pastor’s Corner – 23rd March 2013

    Last week the world witnessed Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires, take on the name Pope Francis, as he began his life as Vice regent of God on earth…as the Catholic Church believes. This week we in England also witnessed Justin Welby become the 105th Archbishop of the Church if England. I think […]

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  • Touching Heaven, Changing Lives – 22nd Dec 2012

    Happy Sabbath everyone. I think the Christmas is a wonderful time of year – Don’t you? My prayer is that we will be ever mindful that Jesus truly is the reason for season as we enjoy this time with our lived ones. Indeed, as we participate in the Holy Communion Service today, may we, once […]

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  • Touching Heaven – Changing Lives

    I spent Wednesday at the Core of Adventism, with fellow ministerial colleagues. It was not only enlightening, but informative. Studying the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church helps to solidify my faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ and, onces again, reaffirms to me that the Bible is the Word of God. Cheap Belstaff Jackets […]

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  • Friday Nite Project at Willesden

    Approximately 120 Young People of differing ages, exhilarating praise and worship, an excellent Praise Team, a live band, touching testimonies and a message of hope. These were the ingredients that made up the Friday Nite Project (FNP) at Willesden Church, on Friday 6 April. According to Darryn Shepherd, the evening is quite simply, “All about […]

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  • Touching Heaven, Changing Lives – 2nd June 12

    I am sure that you have had a conversation in recent times with someone who is very ‘end time’ conscious. We are mindful and aware that, as Adventists, our hope is to see Jesus come in the splendor of His glory with all His holy angels with Him. adidas boost We are aware of the […]

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  • Willesden Church stops traffic

    Around 100 excited members of Willesden church made their presence known to the community by marching towards Willesden Green Library Centre to hold a short service on Saturday April 7. The aim of the march was to evangelise to the community and to let them know that the church is there for them. Leading was […]

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